Walletr.ee was created out of a need to be able to easily host and share wallet addresses securely and most importantly, correctly with other people. Also as a means to make followers and fans aware that we know about crypto and accept crypto as tip, donation or payment.

All Cryptocurrency addresses consist of codes, random letters and numbers, case sensitive with different unique rules and technicalities. Some even require you to attach a note to the transaction to be considered valid. A computer doesnt care how long or sophisticated those addresses are, however a Human might have trouble reading it, typing it, and it's generally advised to always copy paste addresses instead of typing them.

Walletr.ee aims to negate the risk a wrongly copied address carries, our Interface is easy to use, clean and tested extensively and regularly. Follow the walletr.ee link of the person you want to tip, see if they take your crypto, select, copy it automatically, enter it into your wallets´s sending function and you are good to go.

Cryptocurrencies were created with decentralisation and peer to peer use in mind. Similar to other services our intent was to have a compact link, a hosting so to speak, for all of our different cryptocoin addresses, which we can leave in the Bio, or attached in the description of our works, to give people an easy way to tip, or to donate. Without the use of paypal, patreon or other services that might require registration, bank accounts and which might cost additional fees.

  • What if someone wants to tip me but doesn't have or want to spend 2$ in Fees, or that doesn't have or want to sign up to Patreon?
  • What if someone wants, instead of FIAT that's reserved for utilities or food or rent, send me 1 unit of a Cryptocoin they got from an airdrop or which they mined?
  • What if a Person is new to the crypto world and feels overwhelmed fast and has troubles to keep track of all their different wallet addresses?

The nature of crypto allows people to send small amounts of (conversed) money, instantly, with low fees for most cryptos (ahem, looking at you Ethereum) and also, tax free. What's a better use for your 0.40$ in Crypto than to send them to one of your favourite creators, writers, or random strangers whose tweets you find funny? Exchanges often require you to have a minimum amount to pay out in FIAT, and not every Exchange has liquidity for every crypto too. We also aim to be transparent and respect your privacy, just like crypto. We keep in strict accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

  • We will never sell your Data.
  • We will never give anyone access to your Data.
  • We will never comply with any requests made by any Institutions or any Governments to disclose any and all Information about Individual users or our databases.
  • We don't even need cookies.
  • We will never disclose any data that would let someone find out who you are, solely based on the Data we have about you.
  • We will never bombard you with ads, links, referral links, unsolicited offers or retard tokens.

The mail address you provide for sign up will only be used for account retrieving (password loss), to inform you about the website status, updates, upgrades and new features we might add in the future. No advertisements, offers or the likes. This is also forbidden and covered by the GDPR, we just feel like mentioning it specifically. Reducing Mail spam is also our intent, hence we will provide a second, opt-in newsletter-like mail service where you would receive the usual things that come from registering online. Walletr.ee is registered in the European Union, and no matter where you are in the World, your Data is protected by Europe's strict and sophisticated consumer protection laws. We are not required, and we certainly won't react to any contact made from any Institution or Government that would like to know if a Person with the Name xyz and with the email @xyz has a walletr.ee with us or what crypto this person supposedly accepts or has. Besides that, we will never ask you for your legal name.

Our service is anonymous and you decide what handle to use, or how much information you want to disclose. You can perfectly represent your Brand or Company or Internet-Persona etc. with us and leave links to all of your socials or websites with us, but you don't have to. You can also just sign up, use a random string of numbers as name, set up your link, and leave it at that. However, due to support reasons, to prevent misuse and to create you a walletr.ee link, we need you to sign up and verify your email. Your Data is stored on a safe and secure server.

Walletr.ee and any subsequent Businesses that would or could emerge from it, is not made with profit in mind. We are not a Venture. However, in order to retain a maximum of security and to pay for hosting, servers, code and services, we need to display some ads on your profile and on some pages.

BUT we will only partner up with privacy respecting and most importantly, non obstructive advertisers and will not shy away from terminating contracts with advertisers if we find their methods to be not within our strict guidelines.

Alternatively we also take and favour user submitted ads. Advertisements for your etsy shop, for your music on Spotify, for your mining pool, for your small deli, for your business, for your own website etc.

The basic service will stay free to use forever. No hidden clauses or terms or anything.

Walletr.ee was made by Miners, Traders, hodlers and Web Devs. It was made from crypto people for crypto people. It was made to have a service we will want to use ourselves daily too. We hope you find good use with our service. If you have any concerns, Ideas, want us to add a certain coin that will moonshot soon, contact us or tweet to us.